Massage with lava stones

Lava stone massage is one of the best therapies and massages. It is massaged in combination with or without stones. Stones heal by themselves when they transmit a very strong energy vibration to the body. This massage has a beneficial effect for several days.

Massage with lava stones

The massage begins without stones, when the muscles are briefly massaged, and then the massage with warm lava stones follows. At the end of the massage, the stones are placed on the spine and the massaged person is covered with a blanket or towel that keeps the heat of the stones on the body. During the massage, the heat from the lava stones spreads over the entire body and beautifully relaxes and warms up stiff muscles.

A massage using lava stones will harmonize the body, connect the chakras, release the energy pathways, and life energy will flow better throughout the body. During the massage, the organism is completely regenerated and the cleansing process takes place, therefore a whole body massage is suitable.

During these massages, the masseuse is clothed and in underwear for the entire duration of the massage, and there is no shared shower.

30 minutes

1 masseuse
1500 CZK / 63 €

60 minutes

1 masseuse
1800 CZK / 76 €



30 years
Breast: 4
Weight: 66 kg
Height: 164 cm


26 years
Breast: 5
Weight: 52 kg
Height: 165 cm

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