Thai erotic massage with HE

Traditional Thai massage relieves sore backs and rids the body of stiffness and tension, clears the energy pathways and increases the overall vitality of the organism. To achieve the best results, masseuses use their palms, elbows and body weight.

Thai erotic massage with HE

Massage procedure

  1. The possibility of a shared shower with a masseuse
  2. The masseuse massages you with warm oil all over her body. In this massage, the masseuse combines various Thai techniques with hands and body.
  3. The masseuse is naked throughout the massage.
  4. In the last part of the massage, the masseuse moves to the intimate parts and massages you until the very climax. There is one climax in this massage.
  5. This is followed by a shared shower.

Treat yourself to this massage to get rid of back pain and relax your whole body and mind.

60 minutes

1 masseuse
3000 CZK / 125 €

90 minutes

1 masseuse
3600 CZK / 150 €

120 minutes

1 masseuse
4100 CZK / 170 €

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